Love is patient….and during times like these we couldn’t believe this to be more true. Couples across the world are having to make the difficult decision to postpone their big day or decide to cut their guest count in half and have a smaller wedding. 

These decisions aren’t easy but are necessary in order to keep your family and friends safe during these unprecedented times. We know no matter what decision is made, our couples and those also going through this will end up having the wedding of their dreams and that it will all work out just the way it is supposed to be. 


While trying to decide which decision is right for you and your family, the Bella Babes got together and made a list of advice and pointers to help ease your decision! 

Is it worth postponing? Why? 

  • These are a few things you need to ask yourself while considering postponing:
    • Do I want all my guests to attend that were originally invited (More than likely your guest count is going to drop. Right now, people don’t feel as comfortable being in a crowd of people they may not know. They may also have to decline if someone in their family is high risk or if they themselves are high risk.)
    •  Is it important for you to have the guest count you always envisioned having a part of your big day?
    • Are you ok having a smaller, more intimate wedding. Many of our couples have postponed purely because they want a larger wedding and if that’s something you want than postponing is definitely your best bet!
    • Are you ok with out of country guests not being able to attend? I have to ask all my clients who are considering postponing this. Why? Because in many cases our weddings have someone who lives in another country that is extremely important to them. I have had a few weddings postponed because family and/or Bridal Party members that mean the world to them can’t travel to be at the wedding.
    •  Your wedding is worth postponing because your wedding day is supposed to be relaxing, memorable, and enjoyable. With all the restrictions we have going on right now, the dynamics and intimacy that weddings have, has changed. 

 The first thing you need to do is decide as a couple if postponing is what you want to do:

  •  Talk with your planner & your venue to see what policies are in place for postponing 
  • You are going to want to talk with the venue and see what dates/timeframes they are offering for you to rebook a new date. Be sure to ask if there are going to be any re-booking fees that would be associated with rebooking the new date as well.
  • Once a few dates are chosen to postpone to, confer with your vendors to ensure there is a date that fits everyone’s schedule. Just because the venue has that availability does not mean all your vendors will.
  • Just be sure to communicate with your vendors and they are more than likely going to work with you on a new date. Again, don’t forget to ask if any fees will be associated for rebooking! 
  • If a vendor isn’t available on your new date – ask what your financial options are! 
  • Have your planner make the official announcement to postpone the wedding
  • Be sure to get this in writing and ask to sign a new contract

These tips are an awesome starting point and can definitely help break things down so the process doesn’t feel so overwhelming. 

If you are booked with Bella Sposa, we want you to know *more than ever* that we are here for you and we sympathize with you. We will all get through these difficult times, and love will ALWAYS win! For now, enjoy the chapters to come in your love story and know your big day will happen.


Shoutout to all of the amazing Bella Babes for giving their advice and tips to make this post helpful for all brides!