Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do as a planner?

Most commonly people don’t find it necessary to have a wedding planner but honestly if you want the day to go as smooth as possible I think It’s absolutely necessary to have one. Planners are there to direct vendors and answer any and all questions. They also take care of timelines making sure that you get the most out of the time you have at your venue. We take care of all the decor set up and break down so you and your family don’t have to worry about one thing during this special day. Without a wedding planner, you will be left feeling more overwhelmed than happy.

Are Party Favors absolutely necessary?

Absolutely not. To many times, I have seen couples purchase and spend money on favors and they either get left behind or thrown away. I think it’s a huge waste of money. I think that if you are going to do anything, then do something that’s fun and good interaction for your guests, a memory point, something like a photobooth or a Caricature Artist. Guests absolutely love these!!!!

Do we need to do a bouquet & garter toss?

I do not think that this is something that is absolutely necessary in our generation. Although this is something that is traditional to weddings couples lately do something called the anniversary dance which allows the couples who have been married the longest to receive a gift of some sort and it really seems to engage the guests. Not only does this make this couple feel special it’s a change from the everyday traditional wedding scene. It also doesn’t take away as much time from the timeline. Couples today like to make sure they are getting as much “Partying” as possible with the short timelines some venues give.

Do you think it is ok if we use family members in substitute for any vendor?

Honestly, I don’t even think this should even be an option for anyone on their wedding day. There have been to many times where I have seen couples have a family member DJ, Photograph or Cater. Every single time something has gone very wrong. As a planner, you don’t want to see anything to go wrong but when a couples insist on having a family member DJ it can yes indeed save the couple money but I can guarantee you won’t get the professional level of service if you don’t spend a little extra money. On your big day, a few hundred dollars could ruin your wedding day instead of make your day everything you ever dreamed of.

Do you think that we should do a first look?

I think that is something based off of whether or not you want to keep your wedding day traditional or not. In some cases, I feel as if it is absolutely necessary to do a first look because of such a short time frame. This is something that I think is great for the photographer and their client to discuss based on the client’s needs. In many cases my clients chose to do them because of the large wedding parties and families. Smaller wedding parties tend to be able to get the photos done a lot quicker so they tend to be able to get away with the traditional way.

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